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I had to endure a week of translating 8 hours of Marketing Speak into a coherent article this week and just about lost my mind in the process. It got me thinking about how the success of many organizations has relied on the daring, and sometimes eccentric, saying or doing what flew in the face of convention and how most just try not to ripple the water.

There is certainly the time and place to be innocuous and blend in, but not with content. Being brainwashed by terms like ‘Best of Breed’,and ‘Best Practices’, I wanted to share some Best Sites, that I like the best.

Best Stuff – speaks to a young audience but presents content in an unusual manner. t I found myself clicking through a dozen or so best stuffs before getting bored. It struck me as a more visual version of tags but it does have corporate communication potential.

Best Buy -a primo electronics retailer (with the exception of their music department) but their website is all about product. SALE, 30% OFF, GIFT, all smack me in the face when I reach the home pate, and not being a big fan of gradients, I got little antsy browsing. There is some UGC but it is buried and doesn’t have many reviewers.

Best Western – having stayed a few Best Western hotels in my day I can say the following things: there was a bed, they had coffee in morning and not any major problems to report. The majority of their website is marketing copy but about 10 clicks in is a little section called “The Travel Mom” featuring Emily Kaufman. In this section attractions local to Best Western locations are highlighted and I begin to feel like Best Western is showing me around town.

Next we will focus on the content brave.


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